Why Should You Buy an Apple Product?

Apple integration with their other products is outstanding, but the price tag attached to their products also is. Is it then a good option?

Why Should You Buy an Apple Product?

There is no doubt that Apple products are one of the top contenders in the market; its tight integration with Apple Services and Products is its forte.

Apple's focus on design and simplicity has always been its stronger point; its partnership programs with Adobe (Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator, Premiere Pro) and some other companies that only develop products for them (e.g., Fantastical, Things3, Apollo for Reddit) have played a significant part on why it is so successful.

We all know that Apple products “just work”; no technical knowledge is needed, and anyone can learn how to use their products and services. Unfortunately, this does not come with any compromises. Apple is known to not be DIY (do-it-yourself) friendly, it’s somewhat a luxury brand and there is no real “right to repair”.

Yet, this has not stopped people from considering Apple products superior to their competitors and therefore they are so successful; people’s loyalty to the brand is something that no other company has been able to replicate and there doesn’t seem any real rival to get close to it.

Should I get a Mac/iPhone/iPad?

“Yes”, if you can afford it and if you’re willing to pay for their higher than others, products (cases, screen protectors, apps) go all for it. However, those who can’t afford it, or just don’t like their products are in a bit of better luck; at least hardware-wise Android and PC manufacturers offer a wider range of alternatives that can satisfy any consumer.

So, what do you think, should we all buy Apple products?