My Commitment to Your Privacy

Your privacy matters. On this blog, I strictly avoid tracking and vehemently oppose third-party data access without your consent. I prioritize services that respect your privacy and security.


I personally fund all services used for this blog. It’s crucial to me that entities like Google, Bing, Meta, and others don’t access your data – what you read here or how long you stay is private.

Software and Services Powering This Blog

This blog is powered by Ghost, an open-source software, hosted on a DigitalOcean instance. To improve my content, I use Pirsch Analytics, a privacy-first analytics service. For enabling discussions, I use Hyvor Talk, which also respects user privacy.

Page Analytics Data Collection

Here’s what Pirsch Analytics collects:

  • Pages visited
  • Referrer and UTM campaign parameters
  • Country, city, and language details
  • Operating system, browser type, and screen resolution
  • Custom events and User-Agent (separate from page views)

More details can be found [here]

Comments System Data Collection

Data collected by Hyvor Talk includes:

  • IP Address (for spam prevention)
  • Webpage URL and Identifier (for unique identification)

More information is available [here].

First-party Data Collection

If you subscribe to my blog, only your Email and Name are collected for sending future posts. You can unsubscribe and delete your data at any time. Your information is never sold or shared with third parties.