Things You Should Know Before Buying a laptop or tablet

If you are debating between buying a laptop or a Tablet you landed into the right article. Let me help you choose.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a laptop or tablet
Photo by Garrhet Sampson / Unsplash

There is no device that will be able to do all the things you want. 2-in-1 devices have not been able to replace solely designed devices.

If you are dabbling between buying one device or the other let me help you decide what is best for you.

Tablets have always been that weird device that many people like and want but it does not work as a smartphone or as a laptop but are also great for some weird reason. Anyway, here are the reasons:

When to pick a Tablet?

  1. You cannot afford a powerful (expensive) laptop, but you need superior performance
  2. You only browse the web, listen to music, or stream videos from YouTube, Netflix, or Disney
  3. You need a precise, relatively cheap device for “handwriting”
  4. Portability is a top priority for you

When should you go for a laptop instead?

  1. If you need a super-powerful device
  2. You need to execute complex tasks or run special software for your job
  3. When device weight is a non-issue
  4. If you want to play highly intensive video games

General recommendations:

  1. Buy whatever device you feel more comfortable with
  2. Read and try to understand the technical specs of the device, specifically with Laptops
  3. Hold on to the current device for at least 2 generations. Year-to-year upgrades are too insignificant, so if money is an issue or you just want to save some money do not upgrade your device every year
  4. Get an LTE/5G compatible device for maximum portability if you don't always have Wi-Fi