Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive in 2021

Both platforms are great for storing your documents and many other things, but what is the best option in 2021? Let’s find out.

Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive in 2021
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There is no perfect solution, it doesn’t matter if it is paid or “free” (The Price of Free Online Services) yet, there are good alternatives for storing your documents, photos, and various files that you need to keep somewhere on the Internet.

We are going to go through some of the reasons Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (which is part of Microsoft 365) are the best two options for the mainstream market.

Note: There are many other options but those are not as multi-platform as these two are.

Google One

Formerly named Google One. It’s the Office Software suite that Google has created. It has a large number of components (sub-products, services, apps) that work astonishingly great with Google’s Suite.

Google’s openness is its biggest forte; anyone can take advantage of their API to create more complex workflows or products that integrate their platform, this is the reason Google overtakes many of its competitors. Anyway, let's see its advantages and disadvantages.



Google is everywhere, this means that they have native (or mostly native) applications for all the biggest platforms, and for those that do not have a native app it offers a Web Application that works exceptionally well

Complex and complete Web Application

Google’s Web Application offers and very lengthy and complex set of features. It is so close to an installable application that it can almost replace them

Integration with other Google Services

Google Drive in general can “talk” with all the other applications that Google has built. You can reference documents from emails, search from Google Docs, and the web for finding synonyms or antonyms. You can even reference files uploaded to your Drive directly from Google Docs without leaving the actual document that you’re working on

Google Photos

Do we need an introduction to this service? I honestly don’t think we need one. Google Photos is easily the best option to make a backup of your photos and videos, it’s so well designed and tough, that even Apple offers to help you transition to it. (Transfer a copy of your iCloud Photos collection to another service - Apple Support)


  1. Starting July 10, uploading your photos in “Original Quality” (not really, look at my comparison [Want Better Photos, Buy a Pro Camera]) will be quoted against your Google Drive available space. Changing how Google Drive and Google Photos work together (
  2. It’s owned by Google so anything you upload is likely not private. [What Is Wrong With Google Search?]
  3. People are very used to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and they feel that Google equivalent does not replace those apps

Microsoft OneDrive

Formerly known as Microsoft 365. It’s the Office Software suite that Microsoft has created. Loved and hated by many, it is one of, if not, the best Office Software products that exists.

If you’re in Enterprise world your company is likely using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, and many other of their tools. If you’re a student or a home user, the chances that you grow up using these products are very high. There is no doubt that Microsoft has been leading this market for decades. However, let’s look at its pros and cons.



Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and iPad OS

Software recognition, friendliness

Microsoft products are so well known that are second nature to people

Business Oriented but good for Personal use

Reputation precedes Office Suite; it's so respected that many Enterprise businesses use Microsoft Suite and OneDrive. Fortunately, Microsoft Suite is easy to use for most users


  1. Microsoft Web Apps are very basic when compared to Google’s equivalent. Let’s not compare their Web App with their Desktop Apps they are two distinct products
  2. Microsoft is easy if you use it from Windows or Mac but if you were going to use their Online platform, you’ll find it difficult. Trying to change your profile picture, you’ll end up on Microsoft Website; in their Delve Profile Settings, and who knows where else…
  3. If we stick with the Personal and Families pricing strategy you will find it fairly easy. But if we go to their Business and Small Business offers you will start having nightmares at night. Their business offering is so complex that in many cases you would rather pay a consultant to determine what is the best plan offering for your business.

Wrap Up

There is not a winner, not even a draw; both are strong solutions that will satisfy their customer. If you’re indecisive about what is best for you, we would invite you to try both solutions yourself.

We are aware that there are other alternatives, such as iCloud, Zoho Workplaces, Only Office, WPS, and many others but those offerings are not what most people use, except for iCloud, however, the Apple equivalent works only on Apple Ecosystem therefore we don’t consider it comparable to any of the other options.

As for us, we rarely use Google Docs or Microsoft Office, there are more interesting alternatives now to make a presentation or a document.