Android vs iOS Debate

We have been debating about what mobile Operative System is better. What should you pick?

Android vs iOS Debate

Terrific times and a longtime battle the Android vs iOS debate has taken from all the bloggers, news writers, social media, business, etc. There are millions of posts related to this topic, but I would like to take a different approach than no other writers have taken before.

We are not going to be subjective; I will say that everybody should use whatever they like the most, there is no right or wrong argument simply diverse needs and opinions.

So, we all should stop the train wreck about which one is better because each one will be in different scenarios. Let me take cars for example, do you prefer an SUV, Sedan, or Convertible? We will guess that you will have one of the next reasons for each of the options:

  • SUV: family, big, secure car; it can take you to any place you want
  • Sedan: you like aerodynamics, you do not like how much gas an SUV consumes, you want something that drives you here and there in rural areas.
  • Convertible: If you like sporty-nice-looking cars, you do not care much about gas consumption or the risks that a convertible car has if it decides to roll over.

You may or may not agree with the examples in some way, it just depends on the circumstances where you place them. Mountain trip: SUV; Going to work: Sedan; Going to the beach: Convertible.

The same analogy occurs with phones and operating systems and in the last couple of years, the differences that existed between them are narrower each time.

Wrap Up

Now iOS supports widgets, and I will say they are better implemented than the comparable feature in Android phones; On the other hand, Android supports 120Hz refresh rate screens which allow you to see smoother transitions between apps, games, etc.

Bonus: Did you know that Apple uses LG and Samsung screens in many of their products? The biggest rival to iPhone (Samsung) is also one of their top suppliers for the wonderful screen iPhones have.

So, rather than looking for pros and cons, you should be looking for what makes more sense for you; Google, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, or Apple ecosystem; I am sure that millions of videos and blog posts outline each of the ecosystem's benefits that I am not interested in getting into for now.

What do you think, are you different from my opinion? Join me in the comment sections.