What Microsoft Is Doing Right with Windows 10?

Microsoft has been working a lot on improving the user experience, but what is bringing to the more popular OS in the world?

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What Microsoft Is Doing Right with Windows 10?

Windows commitment to be everywhere allow them to establish themselves as a dominant player in the computer space. They started with reducing business task execution time and more recently by helping low-power devices to play any multimedia.

However, not everything is flowers and rainbows, Windows got stuck on a clunky and outdated interface; to our surprise, the OS everybody started with is now rebranding itself and bringing a ton of new features.

These features will come with the next Microsoft Windows X, which focus is to have a better integration with other Microsoft product and services, creating the “Microsoft Ecosystem”.

The new Microsoft Ecosystem will come at a time people are looking for convenience, reducing the complexity of their product, especially for inexperience users.

Windows 10X will integrate Xbox, Microsoft 365 (Office), OneDrive, and even Android Devices from Samsung, which will reduce the gap and advantage that Apple has over Windows and Android.

It’s exciting to see how Microsoft is resolving old ongoing issues with Windows and the integration that it’s developing with Samsung/Android. Now we need to wait to see Windows 10X bring to the table.