Reading websites can be done in a better and simpler way. Let me narrow down the reasons you should choose one or the other.

March 2022

Year changed, we change, here is an updated list of the services, products and things that I use in 2022.

October 2021

If you are a casual user don't spend more money on a Pro machine, you will never, ever need it, period. In the other hand, if you're a pro user or youโ€ฆ
There are many computers in the market, but in Apple world there are only a few, does it justify the price or should you move on to other options?

June 2021

With the last iPhone 12 lineup you have four different versions to choose from. Let me help you choose the right one for you.
Apple is no longer alone in the high end, luxury, smartphones but no Android feel the same as using any iPhone.
People want to know when you open and how long you read their email. Let me help you recover your privacy.

May 2021

Both platforms are great for storing your documents and many other things, but what is the best option in 2021? Letโ€™s find out.
If you are debating between buying a laptop or a Tablet you landed to the right post. Let me share some reasons why you should consider one device overโ€ฆ
Relaunching a blog is never easy, but I have been working hard on making the transition as smoother as possible. Follow me now on Substack.
Gmail is king in email but is there any other innovative free options? Let me share with you some alternative free options.
We have been debating about what mobile Operative System is better. What should you pick?